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Education / Networking

The NCCC is an opportunity for different industries and business sectors to learn from each other and connect in the pursuit of the revitalization of their communities. The NCCC will be a hub for ideas and collaboration. 


In this section members will be able to connect with other members, share ideas, and continue to grow a network of similarly focused organizations. 



The NCCC will be the dedicated voice for coal closure communities. While there are groups that advocate for many of our members individually or even for small subsets, the NCCC will give a unique perspective and mission that will bring communities from the West to the Appalachians together under one large tent. 



The NCCC will post here and email out a biannual newsletter to inform members of organization activities. 


In addition, important updates and news will be posted here for members. 

Interested In Becoming a Member?

Fill out the form below to learn more about becoming a member of the National Coal Community Center and getting access to member-only benefits.

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