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About NCCC

National Coal Community Center

NCCC provides independent, balanced, data-driven analysis to help policymakers navigate the complex world of energy transition. We approach energy transition as an economic, security, and environmental issue.

We draw on the resources of world-class partnerships, researchers with real-world experience, and a location in the center of the nation's energy transition.

If the United States undertakes actions to address the risks of climate change, the use of coal has declined rapidly. This presents major risks to the 53,000 US workers employed by the industry and their communities.

NCCC focuses on federal and state actions that focus on advancement of all coal closure communities.

Alan Morrison

Alan Morrison has been the Executive Director of the National Coal Community Council (NCCC) since its incorporation in the summer of 2023. Alan is currently the Principal and Owner of Morrison Consulting Services and has served as a state representative in the Indiana State Legislature since 2012.


Prior to his tenure at NCCC, Alan worked in a variety of roles at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, including Assistant Director for Athletic and Recreational Facilities, and in the Office of Institutional Advancement as a Gift Officer. Alan received his Bachelor of Science from Slippery Rock University and Master of Arts at Indiana State University. 


As the Chairman of the Indiana House Committee on Environmental Affairs and with 10 years serving on the Utilities, Energy and Telecommunications Committee, Alan has a wide range of knowledge on the current and future state of energy production and transmission. Through his work on these committees, he has been tasked with tackling water and air issues, the future of carbon-based fuel and renewable resources, and the drafting of legislation allowing Indiana to move forward with an energy plan that is reliable, affordable, and environmentally friendly. 


Additionally, as a state representative, Alan has collaborated with both state-wide and national constituencies on groundbreaking and historical legislation, ranging from coal and natural gas, to renewables, to carbon sequestration and beyond . This expertise has allowed Alan to become one of the foremost experts on the future of the energy industry in the Midwest. 

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